Naranjal and Veronica Harris

I am a dressage and flatwork trainer based in Hersham, Surrey, United Kingdom, with clients riding at all levels from Preliminary to Grand Prix.

I enjoy teaching anyone who is keen to improve their riding and I believe in a clear, structured approach without short cuts.

During my lessons I will focus on your horse and your riding to bring out the happy athlete in you both.



  • Manager, Instructor and Rider for Arthur Kottas (then Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School) in Vienna, Austria
  • ​​Eight years as Rider and Instructor with the late renowned Franz Rochowansky (Rocky) at 'The White Horse' in Sussex, U.K. Rocky was Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School from 1937- 1955 and Olympic Team trainer for the Netherlands, U.S and Britain
  • Teach clinics in the U.K and abroad as far as Marrakesh, Malawi and the U.S
  • Continue to teach monthly in Vienna and am International Grand Prix rider, Julia Coppard-Dornig's, eyes-on-the-ground
  • Registered on the British Dressage Trainer's database and the British Horse Society Register of Instructors
  • Have been accepted into the fast-track Judge Training programme with British Dressage
  • Regularly train and teach in Surrey, United Kingdom

What I Offer


  • Hire of the facilities where I am based include an Olympic arena and miles of countryside

Horse Training ​

  • Backing of youngsters to training of advanced horses, including long-reining and hacking


  • Dressage and flatwork instruction for all levels of riders and horses

A Holistic Approach

  • Work closely with vets, physiotherapists and dentists for an all around holistic approach


  • Locally or elsewhere

"The Rider Forms the Horse...

The Horse Reflects the Rider"


EC Dressage. Hersham, Surrey.

"I can't recommend a trainer more highly than Eileen, she has transformed a number of my clients' horses where I have seen improvements in straightness, suppleness and muscle development. I have seen particular success with those horses struggling with back and hindleg problems where her kind methodical approach allows them to strengthen and rehabilitate to their full potential."

- Kate Peckham

Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist

Tino and Julia Coppard-Dornig

"Eileen has been my eyes on the ground for several years. We had the good fortune of working together for Arthur Kottas and over time, Eileen has continued to come to Vienna on a monthly basis to help me at home and at competitions. I compete at International Grand Prix and bring on a string of young, talented horses. With Eileen’s guidance, we have had numerous successes at all levels up to Grand Prix. Her support and honesty have been very much appreciated and I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to pursue a competitive level in this sport."

- Julia Coppard-Dornig

International GP rider in Vienna, Austria

EC Dressage. Hersham, Surrey.

"Eileen is a natural at teaching: genuinely enthusiastic and firmly focused on producing good riding and happy, athletic horses. I also like the way she makes time to attend all the key judges’ seminars, conventions and clinics to keep up with the latest thinking in the sport of dressage."

- Sophie Chamier

Client since 2003

EC Dressage. Hersham, Surrey

"Eileen O'Connor has been my dressage trainer for some years. She is totally dedicated to improving her pupils and her teaching is second to none.

I would not hesitate to recommend her. She is considerate and enthusiastic as well as being highly observant."

- Veronica Harris

Client featured in photo left above

EC Dressage. Hersham, Surrey

"Eileen changed the way I approach teaching my own students. Through her, I started taking more time to analyze the seat through various lungeing techniques, and the results were immediate. In turn, it has also helped me to become a better, more balanced and effective rider. Eileen brings a refreshing, positive and healthy perspective to this sport, and I am thankful for our time together."

- Erin Balchin

Canadian rider and instructor

Veronica Harris and Naranjal

Facilities are based in the beautiful countryside of Surrey, United Kingdom.

I aim to bring out the best in each partnership I work with.

Riders of all ages and abilities are welcome.

Working on the rider's seat is integral in my training.

Horse training includes long-reining and hacking.

New clients are welcome to observe a lesson first to see if my style of teaching is right for you.

"Eileen's lessons are really great and I think she has her heart in it. She always has helpful advice and diversifies the training. We worked really hard on the basics and my seat and we were getting better and better every lesson. I really benefit from my lessons with Eileen which is proven by numerous successful participations at shows.

Although the training can be really hard, I always have a balanced and satisfied horse afterwards. That -and her warmhearted personality- are what characterises her training."

- Sophie Ankner

Client in Vienna, Austria

EC Dressage. Hersham, Surrey.

"I started training with Eileen in 2008 after I bought my first young dressage horse. Eileen has been an absolute inspiration since, with her classical and effective approach which focuses on the rider. She encouraged me so much I have gone from novice rider to qualifying as a trainer myself in Germany, with the hope of sharing the same ethical techniques. She has a deep understanding of developing harmony between horse and rider."

- Anita Selva

British rider and instructor

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